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Sporty city looks and an active lifestyle are more fashionable than ever, which is why Kipling bags and backpacks are absolutely the fashion gem. The Belgian label mainly uses lightweight materials such as fabric, nylon or imitation leather, which are then brought into classic pocket sizes. In most cases, a tilting bag, shoulder bag or shoulder bag looks sportier than elegant on a feminine level due to its soft silhouette. Thus, a free afternoon or a trip to the city is the perfect opportunity to carry Kipling bags and cross body bags. For those looking for a laid-back office look, the practical nylon shoppers and Kipling handbags will provide a spacious accessory with a cell phone, wallet and lunch box that can be easily stored in the compartments. The special highlight of Kipling bags are the colorful prints and bold colors that give your look a touch of summer freshness. Who chooses a Kippling backpack, must make in terms of color selection no drawbacks and can look forward to the perfect city companion. In addition to the solid structure and the lightweight material, a dump backpack also offers plenty of storage space and several easily accessible compartments for important trifles. As a distinguishing feature, a monkey logo or tag adorns any tipping bag, shoulder bag or backpack, expressing the playful touch and the joie de vivre of the label.